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Textbook affordability

December 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Textbook affordability has become a nationwide conversation.  With the cost of textbooks on the rise and textbook buy-back programs offering a lower rate of return, students are losing money on their textbooks each semester.  You might call it the college student’s first lesson in exploitation: paying $100 for a textbook, then getting a mere $12 when reselling to the campus bookstore at the end of the semester. How to Find Cheaper textbooks by Tara Seigel Bernard, New york Times

With the economic downturn it is important for students to find ways to spend their money wisely in college.  The average expense of textbooks can add up to around $1000 a year.  Students have a better chance on saving money at College by buying and selling their textbooks from other fellow students.  That’s where a new website,, comes in as  an online marketplace for students to buy and sell textbooks locally.

CampusBookHound allows students to search for the books they want to buy and place a free bid or submit an ad for the book that they want to sell for just $1 per book.  Connecting students with a local marketplace to buy and sell textbooks empowers students to take back control of the textbook industry.

Students may not be able to control the rising cost of college tuition but they can take the power of pricing away from the book publishers and bookstores that monopolize the market of textbooks sales.

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CampusBookHound – Changing the way students buy and sell textbooks!

November 19, 2011 Leave a comment

We created CampusBookHound to change the way students buy and sell textbooks.

The Problem:
At the end of each semester, students across the nation are faced with the same challenge – “where do I sell my used textbooks?” The University bookstore buys the textbooks for one-third of the purchase price. The online sites take your book away for less than a third of the original price. The student looses most of the value of the book in three months of use. On the buying side, the same textbook shows up at two-thirds of the buy-back price. So the buyers are locked into buying at high prices. The students loose the value of their textbooks in both cases. CampusBookHound is here to change that.

The Solution:

CampusBookHound gives you the freedom to sell books for the price you want and buy them for the best deal possible. Sellers set the price, so you know you will get the most for your books, better than the bookstore’s buy-back prices. Buyers bid on books at prices below the bookstore. Both the seller and the buyer get the best of both worlds. Both the buyer and seller retain most of their value on the textbook.

Now the big question is…

What does it cost to list a textbook on CampusBookHound?
Sellers can list their book for One-Dollar! No hidden fees or surprises! It’s that simple, list your book for a dollar and retain the value of what you paid for in your textbook!

We hope that through this service, we can change the way textbooks are bought and sold across the Universities nationwide. At CampusBookHound, we put students first and help them save more and spend less on textbooks! Visit us at to learn more about how you can be a part of this change.

CampusBookHound Launches Website for Textbook Sales

November 17, 2011 Leave a comment

CampusBookHound helps students save more and spend less on textbooks.


Ellicott City, MD – November 11, 2011

Freedom to set your price on textbooks!CampusBookHound announced the official launch of their new website designed to let college students buy and sell textbooks locally. The website,, is an online marketplace for textbook sales with the bidding power of online auction websites and the local accessibility of online ad websites. This exciting new website is strategically positioned to become the central place where students go to buy and sell their textbooks each semester.

CampusBookHound is the brainchild of University of Maryland and Rutgers University alumni led by Senior Executive, Vinodhini Guhesan. When asked about the motivating factor behind creating, Guhesan responded, “With the cost of higher education rising each year and the recent economic downturn, students have been forced to come up with creative ways to save money. We wanted to create a site that caters to college students nationwide.”

Textbook buy-back programs are designed to make money for the bookstores not the students. The average cost for a textbook is between $75-$100 and the buy-back programs often buy the book back for a fraction of the original cost, only to turn around and sell the book to the next student for a profit. These programs are really not designed to help the students retain the value of their book. “CampusBookHound is here to change the textbook market by putting the money where it belongs, in the hands of the students. By allowing students to sell their book for the price that they set, bid on the books that they want for a price that’s better than the bookstore, and pick books up locally, we give students the power to control the textbook market.”

How much will it cost you to list your books at CampusBookHound? Students can list a textbook for just ONE DOLLAR! There are no hidden fees or hidden charges. “We want to put students first! We built a service that helps students get the money they deserve for their books so that they can stretch each dollar a little further. We were once college students too so we know that every dollar counts and we hope that CampusBookHound will be the solution you’re looking for.”

About CampusBookHound:

CampusBookHound ( was started in 2011 by University of Maryland and Rutgers University alumni in order to give college students a marketplace to buy and sell textbooks locally. We know first-hand how much students spend on textbooks each semester. After you finish the course, you often have to sell the books back to the same bookstore you bought them from for a fraction of the price you paid for them.

We have been in your shoes! We know that college students need to save money wherever they can. We created CampusBookHound so students have an inexpensive option to buy the books they need for their classes each semester and sell them for what they are really worth.

CampusBookHound is a service developed and maintained by SecureStax, Inc. (

For more information please contact:
Vinodhini Guhesan, Senior Executive
Phone – (816) 226-7871 or (816) CAMPUS-1

Coming soon…

September 30, 2011 Leave a comment

An online market place for students to buy and sell textbooks is on it’s way. is your hub for buying and selling textbooks locally within your college or university.  Save time and money when you buy locally. Get paid fast when you sell locally.  Check back soon for more news about the unveiling of