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Textbook affordability

Textbook affordability has become a nationwide conversation.  With the cost of textbooks on the rise and textbook buy-back programs offering a lower rate of return, students are losing money on their textbooks each semester.  You might call it the college student’s first lesson in exploitation: paying $100 for a textbook, then getting a mere $12 when reselling to the campus bookstore at the end of the semester. How to Find Cheaper textbooks by Tara Seigel Bernard, New york Times

With the economic downturn it is important for students to find ways to spend their money wisely in college.  The average expense of textbooks can add up to around $1000 a year.  Students have a better chance on saving money at College by buying and selling their textbooks from other fellow students.  That’s where a new website, CampusBookHound.com, comes in as  an online marketplace for students to buy and sell textbooks locally.

CampusBookHound allows students to search for the books they want to buy and place a free bid or submit an ad for the book that they want to sell for just $1 per book.  Connecting students with a local marketplace to buy and sell textbooks empowers students to take back control of the textbook industry.

Students may not be able to control the rising cost of college tuition but they can take the power of pricing away from the book publishers and bookstores that monopolize the market of textbooks sales.

To learn more visit http://www.CampuBookHound.com.

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